The Macedonian Sun – NOT Just the Star of Vergina or Kutlesh!

The Macedonian Sun is undoubtedly the oldest symbol in the world that still survives as the cultural symbol of the Macedonians. This 8-rayed and 16-rayed Macedonian Sun had been cherished by the Macedonians for over 3,000 years.











Macedonian sun on a gold larnax found in a Macedonian Tomb near Salonika


It appears on the coins, military equipment, and art of the ancient Macedonian kingdom, and continued to be the National Insignia of the Macedonians throughout history to modern times.

Macedonian military shield with the Macedonian sun from a painting in a Macedonian Tomb

The Macedonian sun is found in the icons and frescoes in the churches throughout the whole territory of divided Macedonia (1912-1913) and speaks of volumes of tradition as the Macedonian nation had cherished it for centuries. Below pictures courtesy of agema-makedonin:

Old Cross from Macedonia Timeless

Macedonian Sun in a church fresco painting










Church of St. Demitrija in Bitola Macedonia, built in 1830


Macedonian sun on the hand of God in St. Mother of God Perivlepta 1290 from Ohrid


Village Razlovci 1850

Village Razlovci 1850 -close up





Gates of a church from 1750’s from Prilep, Macedonia

The Macedonian Sun is very present in the Macedonian Christian icons that show Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

Above – Virgin Mary, Ohrid (11th Century)

Above – Mother of God from Ohrid (13th century)


Above- Virgin Mary, Ohrid (14th Century)


Above – Mother of God Pelagonitisa 1422- Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, Zrze Prilep

Below are two Macedonian ethnologic decorative objects that contain the Macedonian Sun symbol. These are jewellery, a specific part of the numerous Macedonian women’s folk costumes. On the left is the “tepelak” from the 18th century bearing the eight-rayed Macedonian Sun, and on the right is the “pafta” from the 19th century bearing the sixteen-rayed Sun.

“Tepelak” (18th century)

“Pafta” (19th century)








Macedonia became an independent country in 1991 and on its flag adopted the ancient old Macedonian Sun, thanks to Parliamentarian Todor Petrov, now the International President of the World Macedonian Congress.

Flag of independent Macedonia 1991

To commemorate the independence, the Macedonian postal system issued a stamp depicting the Macedonian flag in 1992.

Stamp of the Republic of Macedonia






A spokesman for the World Macedonian Congress – Australia stated, “The Macedonian Sun or Star was a national & Dynastic emblem of the ancient Macedonian Royal family and was carried on by Alexander’s successors but the symbol itself, has been used in Macedonia for a long time before that.

In its original shape (an eight-ray star with particles between the rays).

The Greeks first laid eyes on it in 1977 in today’s Greek region of Vergina in the occupied Macedonian region since 1913, better known as ancient Macedonian region of KUTLESH. Little did they know, this symbol, the Macedonian Sun was found all over the Republic of Macedonia way before 1977, as a matter of fact, one of the oldest symbols found was estimated to be 10,000 years old, found in the mountain areas of Belasica, in today’s Republic of Macedonia!”

History belongs to the people, not the modern-day governments!

The above article was first published in History of The additional editorial was done by World Macedonian Congress – Australia Limited

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