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Who are the World Macedonian Congress historically and what do we stand for?

The World Macedonian Congress is an international, non-governmental, non-party affiliated, not for profit organisation and a Diplomatic Arm of the Macedonian people from all parts of Macedonia and throughout the world.

The World Macedonian Congress has been active in countless campaigns to support the Macedonian people’s human rights ever since its inception in 1899 as a Government in exile in Geneva.  The Australian branch continues this tradition of advocacy and is currently the only Australian Macedonian Community Organization that is registered with the United Nations NGO Branch of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs


  • Protection, continuity and affirmation of the Macedonian ethnic, cultural, linguistic, historical identity and heritage.
  • Spiritual, cultural and economic unity of Macedonians throughout the world with the aim of supporting the Macedonian people and the Macedonian State.
  • Promoting and the encouragement of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for the Macedonians in all parts of ethnic Macedonia.
  • To promote progress of the democracy.
  • Protection and affirmation of the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Please contact us for all of your needs regarding the Macedonian issue in Australian society as we are an open source of information that is reflective of Australia’s Macedonian communities’ views and concerns.

We have a wealth of historical information at our disposal from Australian and international PhD scholars, unrivalled access to historical records, key political figures in the Republic of Macedonia and the EU parliament that can dispel misconceptions and misinformation so prevalent in biased sources that often fail to expose their conflicts of interest.


Goran Kotev

National Co-Executive Chairman

International Vice President

Executive Director – Australia

Todor Petrov

WMC – International Chairman

National President – Macedonia

Executive Director – Australia


Goran Kotev

National Co-Executive Chairman

International Vice President

Aleksandar Ilievski

National Executive

Branch President (VIC)

Tony Kitanovski

National Executive

Vice President (Administration)

Stephen Karanfilovski

National Executive

Branch President (NSW & ACT)

Vice President (Operations)

Rob Stojanovski

National Executive

Abitration Administration

NSW & ACT Executive Branch

President – Stephen Karanfilovski

Vice President – TBA

General Secretary – Andrija Petrevski

Assistant Secretary – Rachael Karanfilovski

Branch Treasurer – Nik Karanfilovski

Director of Culture, Arts & Information – Blagojce Petrov

Director of State Affairs – TBA

Director of Youth & Sport – Nik Karanfilovski

Director of Social Services & Welfare – Goce Murgoski

Director of Women’s Affairs – TBA

Ass. Director of Women’s Affairs – Rachael Karanflovski

Ass. Director of Women’s Affairs – Elena Petrova

ACT Regional Manager – Dime Sapkaroski

National Head of Technology – 

Illawarra Regional Manager – Goran Tintovski

VIC Executive Branch

President – Aleksandar Ilievski

Vice President – Kire Karakostov

General Secretary – Borce Dimoski

Assistant Secretary – George Kirik

Branch Treasurer – Aleksandar Ilievski

Director of Culture, Arts & Information – TBA

Director of State Affairs – Tony Kitanovski

Director of Youth & Sport – TBA

Ass. Director of Youth & Sport – TBA

Director of Social Services & Welfare – TBA

Director of Women’s Affairs – Vera Trajkoski

National Compliance & Affiliate Manager – TBA