Modern Greeks – “Greece is an Ethnically Homogeneous Nation”

To this day there are some Greeks who believe in the myth that they are an ethnically pure race.

To Macedonians, it is irrelevant what Greeks believe in as long as they don’t interfere in Macedonian affairs. Unfortunately, Greece’s self-portrayal as an “ethnically homogeneous State” is not only interfering with Macedonians, it is downright hostile to them.

“Greeks’ contemporary self-image is built upon a series of myths. The myth of continuity. The myth of the racial and cultural superiority of our ancestors (and, thanks to continuity, our own). The myth of being special the myth of racial and religious purity. The myth of the genius of the Greek race.,The existence of these myths provokes certain predictable reactions. Thus, my typical compatriot while proud to be Greek (95 percent, according to polls) will abuse and censure his countrymen at the slightest provocation. And this, naturally, because they fail to live up to the expectations and the demands created by the myths.” (Nikos Dimou).

Greece, over the years, has taken extraordinary measures to erase what is real in favour of something artificially manufactured. “Greek-ness” or “Hellenism”, as the Greeks like to call it, is a 19th-century invention modelled after a culture and a race of people that ceased to exist more than two millennia ago. Greece has destroyed the real cultures, traditions and languages of its indigenous people living on its soil in favour of this artificial creation it calls Hellenism. Worse, today Greece not only denies the existence of its non-Greek roots but it insists that no indigenous races such as Albanians, Macedonians, Vlachs, Turks, Roma, etc. ever existed in Greece. Greece has not only forsaken its indigenous cultures but is consistently punishing all those who want to return to them.

The so-called “Greek Nationality” (Ethos) was artificially created during the 19th century by the Great Powers in order to break up the Ottoman Empire and to stop the expansion of Pan Slavism. Britain’s fear of Russia entering Mediterranean waters and contaminating its “backyard garden” motivated British officials to do whatever was necessary to stop the “Slav proliferation”.

After Greece was created it needed people “Greeks” to maintain and enlarge itself. These people came from the territories it occupied during its period of expansion. One need only ask, “How come there are Macedonians, Albanians, Vlachs, Turks, Roma, etc. living in the Republic of Macedonia and none of these ethnicities lives in Greek occupied Macedonia?”

It is well known that these ethnicities existed in all of Macedonia during Ottoman rule before geographic/ethnographic Macedonia was occupied and partitioned in 1912/1913. In fact, there are Greek statistics compiled prior to 1912 that attest to these facts. Yet in 1928 Greece declared itself “ethnically pure” with only “pure Greeks” living in Greece. Naturally, the burning question is “what happened to the other ethnicities that lived in Macedonia after it was occupied by Greece in 1912?” Did they simply vanish? Of course, they did not! They were Hellenized! They were “made” into Greeks!

Population Exchange 1928

In her infatuation with the glory of her “false” past, Greece became ashamed of her “real self” and buried her true present. Greece did not want a bunch of ignorant Slavs, Albanians, Vlachs, Turks, Roma, etc. for citizens. It preferred the “mythical” types like Pericles, Leonidas and Themistocles or descendants thereof. This was all done with encouragement from her benefactors, the Great Powers. In fact, outside of some Greeks who have been labelled traitors, no one questioned Greece’s motives for doing this. Macedonians have no problem with Greeks calling themselves whatever they want as long as they do not interfere in their affairs. Macedonians would like to be known for who and what they really are, Macedonians.

The crux of the problem, unfortunately, is that while the Greeks continue to believe in their mythical past, they interfere with reality. Falsely believing that they are all Greeks, descendants from an ancient people, they refuse to acknowledge the reality that Macedonians do exist and live on their territory. Further, to prevent the discovery of their falsehood, they even interfere in the affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, an independent and Sovereign State.

The proof that Greece is neither “homogeneous” nor has continuity from the ancient past is not difficult to explain. Just take a look at Greece’s population makeup from 1829 to 1928 and in it, you will find Albanians, Vlachs, Turks, Macedonians and Roma.


Period Activity Number of People
1829 Greece created for the first time (mostly Arvanites) Less than 1,000,000
1830 – 1911 Epirus and Thessaly Annexed (Vlahs and Albanians) 1,600,000
1912 – 1913 51% of ethnographic Macedonia Annexed (Macedonians) 2,500,000

Pontians Relocating to Macedonian Occupied Territory

By Risto Stefov


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