On this day, 10 August, in Bucharest, Romania 1913, an act of betrayal along with one of the largest miscarriages of justice and humanity was perpetrated and then violently enforced. Delegates from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece, the latter formerly backed by the superpowers of the time: UK (England), France, and Germany, partitioned and carved up ethnographic Macedonia amongst themselves.

These regions are known as Vardar, Aegean and Pirin Macedonia; Albania was afforded a small portion of the Prespa region at the conclusion of this treaty.

Thus, this is the TRUE reason as to why there are many conflicting verses to the reality of Macedonia – it’s that none of the above-mentioned nations have any claim to Macedonia outside of this treaty; all are hell-bent on distorting the historical truth to suit their unlawful claims.

If Macedonia simultaneously belonged to Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, as each claimed, why did they then agree to partition it? Why did they sign the 1913 Treaty of Bucharest agreeing to Macedonia’s partition without any signs of protest?

To this day Greece and Bulgaria have done nothing to inform their citizens of the truth about Macedonia. Instead, they continue to lie and deceive them maintaining that Macedonians don’t exist and violently committed genocide and population displacement of the local Macedonian communities. Worse, Greece is now ‘muddying’ the waters to the world, claiming themselves to Macedonians and that all the history of the land and its people is theirs and theirs only – quite laughable as this is the argument presented by the other unlawful occupiers.

We, the World Aegean Macedonian Council vehemently condemn the Treaty of Bucharest, its participators and its enforcement. We call for its immediate abandonment. We call upon the world leaders of today to re-write a wrong and we call for the unification of Macedonia’s ethnographic borders. We call for justice and an end to the tyranny.

Nik Petrov

International President – World Aegean Macedonian Council

National Chairman – World Aegean Macedonian Council – Australia

National Director for Aegean Macedonian Affairs – World Macedonian Congress – Australia




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