21 07, 2018


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The World Macedonian Congress - Australia in association with its' Branch, Assembly of Australian Macedonian Congress of NSW & ACT present: 'MACEDONIAN NIGHT' - Preserving our dignity and Identity, our heritage is our future! When: Saturday, 21 July 2018, starting at 6pm 'til late Where: Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre - 468 West Botany Street Rockdale [...]

18 06, 2018

СМК – Австралија прати писмо до Христијан Мицкоски!

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    До господин Христијан Мицкоски, Претседател на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ и Извршниот и централниот комитет на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ   Почитуван господине Мицкоски, Македонците во Австралија се загрижени за политичката криза во Македонија, посебно со потпишувањето на Спогодбата Димитров-Коѕиас. За Македонците во татковината и во светот, Спогодбата Димитров-Коѕиас за промена на името и идентитетот е ништовна и ја [...]

8 06, 2018

WMC-A Opening Doors for Community

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The World Macedonian Congress - Australia formally met with both the National leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Richard Di Natale and also Federal Labor MP for Batman electorate, Ged Kearney on Thursday, 7 June, to discuss the plight of the Macedonian community in Australia. WMC-A believes that a bridge of consolidation and understanding has [...]

18 03, 2018

We Need a Unitary Macedonia – WMC-A

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The Macedonians in Australia, as an inseparable part of the Macedonian people, express concern for unity and statehood of Macedonia, the country's name and identity of the nation! We reject any federalization and easement of the Albanian language on the whole territory of Macedonia and in its international relations! We consider only the Macedonian language [...]

18 03, 2018

Tribute to Ambassador Vele Trpevski

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On 28 March 2018 the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia His Excellency Mr Vele Trpevski concludes his mandate as Ambassador to Australia and on that occasion I take this opportunity to say that Ambassador Trpevski is one very loyal and trustworthy individual who during his term dealt with lots of different situations, personalities and [...]

13 03, 2018

Open Letter to Labor Party’s Ged Kearney and Australian Labor Party

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Attention Ged Kearney (Labor Candidate for Batman Electorate) and Australian Labor Party On behalf of the World Macedonian Congress Australia, co-Chairmen Jim Stefanovski and Goran Kotev need to bring a gross injustice to your immediate attention. Your recent flyer that has been published and disseminated is misleading and discriminatory. The Macedonian community has always historically supported the [...]

13 03, 2018

World Macedonian Congress – Australia Applies to Take IP Australia to Court

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PRESS RELEASE 13 March 2018, Melbourne, Australia - In an act of perpetual discrimination towards the Australian citizens of Macedonian descent, the Australian authorities have denied the World Macedonian Congress – Australia (WMC-A) the right to register the trademark of the ‘Macedonian Sun’ within its logo, sighting it as a national symbol of Greece. In a [...]

8 03, 2018

WMC-A National Co-Chairmen Meet with Turkish Embassy Staff in Canberra

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The World Macedonian Congress Australia formally met with the officers and staff of the embassy of the Republic of Turkey on Tuesday to discuss the impending political crisis developing in the Republic of Macedonia and the wider Balkan Peninsula in general, as a means to build friendship and cooperation between the Macedonian and Turkish communities [...]

28 02, 2018


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SVETSKI MAKEDONSKI KONGRES - JAVEN OGLAS NA 3-ti MART VO VAŠINGTON ZA MAKEDONIJA! 26 fevruari 2018 godina, Vašington, SAD - Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres gi povikuva Makedoncite vo Soedinetite Amerikanski Državi masovno da izlezat na Semakedonskiot protest “Nie sme Makedonija” (#WeAreMacedonia) za odbrana na imeto na državata i identitetot na nacijata. Protestot ḱe se održi vo [...]

25 02, 2018

World Macedonian Congress-Australia Make an Offer to Purchase ‘Kjoseto’ Statue

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Open letter to Zoran Zaev, and the City of Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov World Macedonian Congress – Australia (WMC-A) would like to bring to your attention, in regards to the removal of the Monument of freedom fighter for the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation  ( IMRO – VMRO) Andon Lazov Yanev – Kjoseto, on 22 February, [...]

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