14 03, 2019


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By: Jim Stefanovski What are your human rights? Let’s start with some basic human rights definitions: Human: noun A member of the Homo sapiens species; a man, woman or child; a person. Rights: noun Things to which you are entitled or allowed; freedoms that are guaranteed. Human Rights: noun The rights you have simply because you are human. [...]

14 01, 2019

WMC-A Responds to Channel 9’s Unfair Report

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World Macedonian Congress - Australia       Level 25, 88 Phillip Street Sydney, NSW 2000                                                                                                                              Level 9, 440 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC 3000        Dear Channel 9 News Department: On behalf of the Australian Macedonian community, we write to complain about the news story during Channel 9 News Melbourne broadcast on Saturday 12 January 2019, by Mr. Andrew [...]

12 01, 2019

СМК – Меѓународно соопштение за медиумите

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12/01/2019, Сиднеј, Австралија - Светскиот Македонски Конгрес (СМК) остро го осудува вчерашниот чин на велепредавство кој го изврши Владата на Македонија. СМК е длабоко разочаран од сите 81 пратеник кои гласаа "ЗА" за промената на уставот и преименување на Република Македонија. Меѓународен Претседател Господин Тодор Петров, Меѓународен Под-Претседател и Глобален главен оперативен директор Џим Стефановски [...]

8 01, 2019

President Ivanov: Let’s protect, respect and love the Republic of Macedonia

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The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, together with his wife, Ms. Maja Ivanova and his son Ivan, today attended the central celebration of the Nativity of Christ - Christmas in the Cathedral "St. Kliment Ohridski ", in Skopje, where the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church - Ohrid Archbishopric, HH Stefan, received [...]

15 11, 2018

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for WMC

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It is with great pride that the World Macedonian Congress – Australia (WMC-A) announces the appointment and promotion of Mr Jim Stefanovski as the Global Chief Operations Officer for the World Macedonian Congress (WMC). The World Macedonian Congress branches around the world are growing rapidly and after extensive international consultation amongst all WMC branches, the [...]

21 10, 2018


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За Македонците, по род и државјанство, од сите делови на Македонија, во татковината и во светот, Одлуката на Собранието за пристапување кон измени на Уставот според Спогодбата Димитров-Коѕиас е неприфатлива и ништовна и претставува велепредавство на државата и нацијата поради флагрантно кршење на Уставот и законите! Светскиот Македонски Конгрес (СМК) повторно потсетува дека две третини [...]

30 09, 2018

Macedonian Referendum in Australia

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The 'Bojkotiram' and Boycott movement was a resounding success globally, with a total of just 2785 registered diaspora expected to attend polling booths to vote for a name change for Macedonia. The Australian Macedonian diaspora numbered a total of 16 voters who attended the Embassy in Canberra and Consulate in Melbourne to vote in the Referendum. [...]

4 09, 2018

Press conference of ‘ZK of VMRO-DPMNE -Australia’ in cooperation with ‘WMC-Australia’

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World Macedonian Congress - Australia and VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia issued a joint press release on 30th of August, 2018 to call for the Macedonian public to boycott the upcoming referendum regarding the illegal negotiations and subsequent agreement between the Greek Tsiparas Government and the illegitimate Zaev regime. In a show of unity for the Macedonian [...]

13 08, 2018


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On this day, 10 August, in Bucharest, Romania 1913, an act of betrayal along with one of the largest miscarriages of justice and humanity was perpetrated and then violently enforced. Delegates from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece, the latter formerly backed by the superpowers of the time: UK (England), France, and Germany, partitioned and carved [...]

28 07, 2018


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Tickets are now selling for WMC-A's Melbourne Illinden celebration. Join us and help celebrate the most important date on the Macedonian Calendar, with a 3-course meal at the Ferarro Reception Centre in Campbellfield. This is a non-profit, zero proceeds event and all tickets sold are solely to cover costs. Please note that it is selling [...]

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