Press conference of ‘ZK of VMRO-DPMNE -Australia’ in cooperation with ‘WMC-Australia’

World Macedonian Congress – Australia and VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia issued a joint press release on 30th of August, 2018 to call for the Macedonian public to boycott the upcoming referendum regarding the illegal negotiations and subsequent agreement between the Greek Tsiparas Government and the illegitimate Zaev regime.

In a show of unity for the Macedonian community in Australia, the move aligned WMC-A’s and VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia’s philosophy regarding the upcoming referendum and allowed both groups to join forces for the embassy/consulate referendum scrutineering exercise set for the 29th of September in Melbourne and Canberra.

“…all those that partake in the upcoming referendum will be filmed, documented and will forever wear the sign of traitor on their foreheads,” said VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia’s branch president Mr. Jane Mavchev in an emotionally charged speech that called on Macedonians everywhere to understand that Macedonia’s future was on a knife-edge.

The move by VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia to break from the party line was not done lightly and was in response to the overwhelming sentiment from its Australian members and the Macedonian public in general, to have nothing to do with the upcoming electoral ruse.

Mr. Mavchev was adamant that VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia’s break from the party line was vital to convey the Macedonian public’s message back to the only opposition party physically capable of politically obstructing the current junta’s agenda to wipe Macedonia from the map and to support President Ivanov’s stance regarding the entire political fiasco.

President Ivanov recently stated in a televised press release that “..Macedonian national identity will change, and the 74-year right to self-determination is violated, state legal identity is erased as well as the 27-year history of the state… This treaty legally eliminates the Macedonian people. They want to persuade the Macedonian people to commit suicide”

There are reservations in geostrategic circles regarding the success of the upcoming referendum. Various news reports have cited a recent secret poll commissioned by the Government showed that only 31 percent said they would go out and vote, which translated to approximately 562,000 out of a possible 1,814,600 registered voters. The majority responded that they will boycott the referendum.

The results have been dire for the US-sponsored Zaev machine in many of the polls. Outside of the capital and in other major cities like Bitola, only 22% of the respondents said they would vote at the upcoming referendum. A minimum of 907,000 votes is needed for a referendum to be considered legitimate with various news reports stating that a massive fraud is currently underway.

Internal leaks have claimed that the poll numbers were never made public because the junta can’t show any sort of evidence pointing to the fact people will not vote, or risk being exposed heavily for potential electoral fraud and for its crimes against the Macedonian people.

WMC-A welcomes the support of VMRO-DPMNE ZK Australia regarding our stance on the current political atmosphere in Macedonia and urges VMRO-DPMNE in Macedonia to follow suit with a call for its members and supporters to boycott the upcoming illegal and illegitimate referendum.

For all past generations of Macedonians who fought and died for Macedonia, for this generation of Macedonians who have an inkling of respect for what it has taken to get here, and for the future generations of Macedonians not yet born, this referendum must be boycotted and must fail.

Bog da ne chuva I da zhivee Makedonija I Makedonskiot narod, Amin.




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