Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The World Aegean Macedonian Council – Australia categorically condemns the illegal and treacherous referendum on the Republic of Macedonia’s name and constitutional change slated for the 30th of September 2018. We call upon all citizens of The Republic of Macedonia to boycott any participation in this illegal referendum.

The illegality of this referendum begins at the hands of a government that was not elected by the people; the results of the last national election were ‘doctored’. The powers to be in the Ministry of the day are merely corrupted ‘puppets’ for a larger power play. The entire process of ‘officialdom’ is manipulated by the USA and key European nations – this is illegal and will not be tolerated.

The current political parties ‘in power’ in The Republic of Macedonia will go down in history as the single largest traitors to the nation, the Macedonian people, and to the long sustained peace and prosperity of its citizens. This illegal referendum is not about joining the EU or NATO; these are just ‘manipulative smoke screens’ levelled at engaging the lesser informed citizens of the Republic of Macedonia into supporting a concept that is unobtainable and derelict; organisations largely irrelevant in today’s world and of no benefit to Macedonia.

The real issue on hand here are all the constitutional changes that they wish to illegally alter on top of changing the countries legal name – changes that are nothing short of national character assassination. The ‘Yes’ vote in this referendum will change the entire fabric of the Macedonian nation, not just its name or the unrealistic possibility of joining the EU or NATO.

Changes to the constitution will result in this regime ‘giving away’ its history, its identity, its right to protect its people wherever they reside anywhere in the world. They are willing to sign over all of our antiquity and historical national symbols and icons to a nation that is occupying 51% of our land mass; a nation that has neither claim nor relevance to this part of history or the land they are occupying.

This regime is willing to sign away our right to call ourselves who we are. Any person of Macedonian origin that does not live within the borders of the newly created ‘North Macedonia’ is not Macedonian, cannot be called Macedonian and cannot voice an opinion of opposition or support. It is basically signing over ‘Aegean Macedonia’ to Greece all over again but with greater powers provided to Greece to suppress any person calling themselves Macedonian in Aegean Macedonia. It also means that any Macedonian in the diaspora is no longer recognised as a person of Macedonian nationality/ethnicity nor permitted to exercise their right to identify themselves as Macedonian – this is absurd.

We already know that the results of this referendum will be rigged; we are not ignorant to this. The citizens of The Republic of Macedonia do not support this government and they do not support this referendum. This regime and its backers know this and have taken steps to manipulate and change the landscape of the voting system; this is unconstitutional. The government has altered the constitutional referendum approval percentage from 70% – 75% of citizen approval to 51%.

The government know that they will not get the percentage they need and hence, have introduced a system where the citizens are required to ‘register’ to vote, even if they boycott. We believe that THIS action is where the results will be doctored. We allege that this regime will classify all boycotted registrations as a ‘YES’ vote. One way or the other, this regime, and its Albanian terrorist sponsored USA backer, will do anything and everything to influence the outcome – cheating, lying, manipulating, intimidation, pressure tactics, force.

Any person, political party, organisation, anyone in general anywhere in the world, which votes yes in this referendum are traitors. Any support for the yes vote is a delusion in grandeur and supports the denouncement of the nation, its citizens, its history, its prosperity and its future. Any support in any capacity is blatant treason.

The World Aegean Macedonian Council calls for a BOYCOTT in this illegal referendum, DO NOT PARTAKE IN IT IN ANY FORMAT, DO NOT REGISTER TO VOTE, do not do anything, ignore it. Send a message to the USA, its partners, and this despicable government that we, the Macedonian people, will NOT tolerate such treason and national character assassination.

Media Contact:

Nik Petrov

International President – World Aegean Macedonian Council

National Chairman – World Aegean Macedonian Council – Australia

National Director for Aegean Macedonian Affairs – World Macedonian Congress – Australia





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