Message to Macedonians from President Ivanov

Respected citizens of the Republic of Macedonia,

Let me inform you that today for the first time I received the agreement reached between the prime ministers of the Republic of Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic.

At the meeting I had this morning with Prime Minister Zaev and Minister Dimitrov, I told them that this is their personal agreement, their personal decision and their responsibility.

I told them that this harmful agreement means an abandonment of the already built substantive state positions, which were confirmed at the last two leaders’ meetings. These are, non-alteration of the Constitution and non-acceptance of a name for overall use or erga omnes.

Such a harmful agreement, which is unique in the history of mankind, is shameful and unacceptable to me. It violates the Constitution, the laws and it breaks the state institutions. I will not legalize political illegal agreements.

The Government did not find strength and courage to build a common position and reach a national consensus. The whole negotiation process was carried out frivolously, irresponsibly and without transparency, as evidenced by the end result.

Dear citizens,

The text of the agreement is defeating for the Republic of Macedonia.

It does not envisage an only change of the constitutional name, but a change of the preamble, as well as all the articles of the Constitution where the name and the terms derived from the name Macedonia are mentioned.

Is patriotism changing the preamble and deleting the state legal continuity of the Republic of Macedonia, the Krushevo Republic and ASNOM?

Is patriotism deleting the article of the Constitution on the protection of the Macedonian minority in the neighbouring countries?

Is it dignified to inform all members of the United Nations that you have changed the constitutional name?

Is it worthwhile to accept all Greek demands and ultimatums?

Is it a leadership to accept a text of an agreement in which there is no legal certainty and guarantees for the Macedonian side?

Such an agreement opens up many issues and problems than it is supposed to close. Issues with incalculable consequences for the Macedonian state and the Macedonian people.

Greece managed to fulfill its maximalist demands. I strongly believe that what it did with the Macedonians in Greece, now, with this agreement, is trying to do with the Macedonians in Macedonia.

With such an agreement, the Macedonian identity is not strengthened, but rather, the already acquired rights in the United Nations are degraded. The covenant of our ancestors, those who created the centuries-old ideal and aspiration for our one and only Macedonia, is denied. The 73-year-old right of self-determination and statehood of the Macedonian people is being trampled; the 27-year-old history of the independent Macedonian state is erased. Everything that is sacred to Macedonia is trampled, and the unborn are deprived of the right and pride to be Macedonians.

The Republic of Macedonia is losing its sovereign equality arising from the Charter of the United Nations.

I call on to stop abusing our strategic goals and commitments. The European Union and NATO should not be an alibi for a bad agreement which will cause unacceptable and detrimental consequences for the state and national interests of the Republic of Macedonia.

Such an agreement does not unite the society but additionally polarizes it.

As President of the Republic of Macedonia, as before, so in the future, I will work towards finding a solution that will not violate the dignity of the Macedonian people and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

Finally, I call on the Macedonian people everywhere not to be afraid. Do not lose faith in yourselves. Keep and nurture our centuries-old ideal of insubordination.

My position is final and no pressure, blackmailing or threat will make me change my mind. I will not support and sign such a harmful text of an agreement.

Thank you.

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