World Macedonian Congress-Australia on Latest Developments in Macedonia

In light of the recent political developments in the Republic of Macedonia, The World Macedonian Congress – Australia would like to issue the following response of the current government, considering there does not appear to have a collective organisation or group that will refute all capitulation of Macedonian sovereignty, as a Vox Populi for the Macedonian diaspora.

The World Macedonian Congress recently held its 27th Annual General Assembly, headed up by the International Chairman, Mr. Todor Petrov

World Macedonian Congress, representing Macedonian diaspora citizens worldwide, including Macedonians in all occupied regions of Macedonia – Pirin, Egej, Mala Prespa, would like to take this opportunity to state, that, all forms of capitulation of Macedonian sovereignty, where the Macedonian identity, name, language, history is at stake, for entry into the European Union and NATO, condemns in the strongest possible terms, all forms of Macedonian acquiescence.

This includes the recent capitulation to Bulgaria by Zoran Zaev to his Bulgarian counterparts, on a “Good neighbourly agreement” that negates and ignores the basic human rights abuses of its Macedonian citizens in the Pirin.

Zoran Zaev in his haste within his first 100 days in office, of which the validity of his government is in question, with installation of former UCK commander against Macedonia as Speaker of the Parliament, which is questionable in light of the Macedonian Constitution, has turned Macedonia into a bi-lingual, dual nationality, ethnic state. World Macedonian Congress – Australia Co-Chairman, Mr. Jim Stefanovski has stated, “There has been no recent Macedonian census to accurately portray the Albanian minority, or for that matter, a referendum to put to a democratic vote to Macedonian citizens, whether they agree with this rather ludicrous development.”

One can argue, Australia, as a democratic nation, has over 200 separate recognized ethnicities and minority groups, Macedonian is in the top 5 spoken minority languages at home, who do not seek to apply the same absurd rulings to its democracy. Albania already has Kosovo as a separate Albanian state, and it appears there are some rather unsavory territorial aspirations in play, with the current premier Zaev, in full support implementing the dual state monopoly.

Co Chairman, Goran Kotev also stated that, “World Macedonian Congress – Australia, categorically, and  unequivocally does not support Macedonia acquiescing to entry into the EU and NATO if it is not under its constitutional name, would like to state that  all agreements are null and void, in particular ,  the Interim Accord, Ohrid Framework Agreement, Przino Agreement, Good Neighbourly Agreement – of which, Macedonia has had to concede sovereignty for entry, and has no basic human rights of self-determination under the Geneva Convention for all Macedonians in occupied surrounding regions.”

The Macedonian diaspora has been vocal from the outset against such capitulation, undermining the sovereignty of a nation, that is being pushed into non-existence with treaties that only serve those that are signatories upon them.

Long live Macedonia, Da Zhivej Makedonija


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