26 08, 2017

Old Tactic Returned for a New Generation

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It is very important to remind the current Zaev government that most of us who oppose his joint project with the US Ambassador Bailey and friends and the mission they chose to accept, to finally complete the work which started over 104 years ago to destroy Macedonia and her people, are not happy and it [...]

20 08, 2017


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By Aleksandar Donski For decades, CRUEL campaigns against the Macedonian nation, culture and history have been conducted by official circles in Bulgaria. According to the latest campaign, again, it is repeated that the Macedonian nation does not exist and is part of the Bulgarian people. Recently, this campaign has been reinvigorated, as the Director of the [...]

20 08, 2017


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Denovive e počnata inicijativa za snimanje dokumentarna emisija pod naslov „Etnogenetskite razliki pomeǵu Makedoncite i Bugarite“. Avtor na scenarioto i režijata ḱe bide makedonskiot istoričar Aleksandar Donski (poznat ekspert vo ovaa oblast), a emisijata ḱe bide snimena na makedonski jazik, so angliski titlovi. Producent na emisijata ḱe bide Jim Stefan Stefanovski od Sidnej, Avstralija. Ja [...]

8 08, 2017

World Macedonian Congress-Australia on Latest Developments in Macedonia

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In light of the recent political developments in the Republic of Macedonia, The World Macedonian Congress - Australia would like to issue the following response of the current government, considering there does not appear to have a collective organisation or group that will refute all capitulation of Macedonian sovereignty, as a Vox Populi for the [...]

5 08, 2017

On the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighbourliness and Cooperation Between Macedonia and Bulgaria

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By Victor Bivell Broadcast on SBS Radio, 4 August 2017 The Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighbourliness and Cooperation Between Macedonia and Bulgaria has some positive and some negative aspects. Just as a general point, it is written in diplomatic speak, so it can be hard for normal people to be certain what the real point [...]

2 08, 2017

Goce Delchev – “The revolution of the hearts, minds, and souls of an enslaved people is our greatest task.”

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By Julie Corby On the eve of Ilinden, the revolutionary uprising of Macedonian national heroes who fought against the occupation of the Ottoman Turks - 2 August 1903, current SDMS leader Zoran Zaev is signing a “Good Neighbourly friendship agreement “ between Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. External factors the last few years have [...]

2 08, 2017


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ДОГОВОРОТ ЗА ДОБРОСОСЕДСТВО МЕЃУ МАКЕДОНИЈА И БУГАРИЈА, МАКЕДОНЦИТЕ ВО ШВАЈЦАРИЈА ГО СМЕТААТ ЗА НИШТОЖЕН И НЕВАЖЕЧКИ! Организацијата “Македонска дијаспора“ од Лозана, Организацијата “Александар Македонски“ од Ивердон, Асоцијацијата РЕФРАМА од Женева, Унијата на македонските училишта во Швајцарија упатија соопштение во врска со Договорот за добрососедство меѓу Македонија и Бугарија, кое го пренесуваме во целост. Македонците од [...]

14 07, 2017

Macedonia hails Bulgaria deal as milestone on its path to Europe

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By Matt Robinson TRIESTE, Italy, July 13 (Reuters) - Macedonia and Bulgaria have agreed the text of a friendship treaty aimed at resolving years of dispute and tension, Macedonia´s foreign minister said, part of a drive by Skopje's new government to breathe life into its Western integration. Macedonia´s fraught ties with its bigger eastern neighbour, [...]

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