3 10, 2018

RUSSIA MAY BLOCK NAME CHANGES IN THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL: The will of the people of Macedonia must be respected!

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On September 30, the Republic of Macedonia held a referendum on the Prespa Agreement, which envisions changing the country's name in Northern Macedonia. The turnout of 36.8 percent means that the referendum cannot be recognized as valid (the turnout must be at least 50 percent). It is clear that Macedonian voters chose to boycott solutions [...]

9 09, 2017

Zaev Sabotaged Macedonia’s Geo-strategic Role In Multi-polarity

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Written by Andrew KORYBKO on 09/09/2017 for Oriental Review Russia and China are wary of having their multipolar Balkan mega-projects transit through a state which increasingly looks likely to end up internally partitioned or worse, and is instead considering rerouting their planned corridors through Bulgaria instead. There was once tremendous hope that the landlocked Central Balkan country of [...]