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An Invitation for Membership to the World Macedonian Congress – Australia


Dear Macedonian brothers and sisters,

The Macedonian affairs have no end because Macedonia is an eternal topic. Regardless of all the differences between us Macedonians, wherever we are, we are all under one name and one common denominator – Macedonia.

In 1903 the Macedonian people rose in the Ilinden uprising for freedom and sovereignty of Macedonia!

In the Balkan wars of years 1912 and 1913, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia occupied Macedonia and did genocide on the Macedonian people! The Treaty of Bucharest concluded on 10 August 1913 confirmed this occupation of Macedonia!

In the First World War (1914 – 1918), the occupation of Macedonia and the genocide on the Macedonians continued.

In the Second World War (1939 – 1945) during the anti-fascist war, the Macedonian people, according to the interests of the Great Powers, have released and restored the last Macedonian state only within the boundaries of the Vardar part of Macedonia!

After more than 100 years of the Balkan wars, the actors and their interests are the same in their intention to finally close the Macedonian question: change the name of the country Macedonia and change the identity of the Macedonian people. This is done by any means necessary.

Only in unity is the power to defend the state name Macedonia and the identity of the Macedonian nation!

This is why the World Macedonian Congress calls for an All-Macedonian reconciliation and unification in the oldest All-Macedonian organization formed in 1899 in Geneva, Switzerland when at the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Macedonians from Western and Eastern Europe have held a Macedonian Congress in Geneva for the purpose of animating the European public opinion on the inalienable, inviolable and inaccessible right to statehood of the Macedonian people!

The World Macedonian Congress is an informal World Parliament of the Macedonians from all parts of Macedonia throughout the world, re-established in 1990 on the eve of the disintegration of the former SFR Yugoslavia.

The World Macedonian Congress is a herald of the Macedonian Spring in 1990 with the blockades of the border near Bogorodicа, Dojran and Medzitlija on April 21, May 19, June 16 and September 23, when Macedonians from all around the world raised their voice to resolve the Macedonian issue and abolish the visas to establish a free flow of people, ideas and capital between Macedonia and Greece.

The World Macedonian Congress has restored the ancient history of Macedonia; the World Macedonian Congress restored the symbol of the Empire State Flag of the Republic – the sixteen-rayed golden-yellow sun on a red background, and in 1995 declared it an All-Macedonian symbol representing all the Macedonians from around the world!

In 1994, the World Macedonian Congress held a meeting in Melbourne, attended by delegates from most Macedonian organizations and a presidency was elected. Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings in the Macedonian Orthodox Eparchy in Australia, the World Macedonian Congress did not achieve the goals of an All-Macedonian reconciliation and unification in Australia.

In 1998, the World Macedonian Congress arbitrated among the Macedonian Orthodox Church Communities in Australia for reconciliation and unification in one and only Macedonian Orthodox Eparchy of Australia.

In 2016, the World Macedonian Congress again initiated an all-Macedonian reconciliation and unification in Australia.

On 13 December 2016 in Melbourne, Victoria, the World Macedonian Congress- Australia or Australian Macedonian Congress was registered with a Certificate of Incorporation number A0097861Y, in accordance with the Law on Incorporated Associations Act 2012.

Four liaison offices of the World Macedonian Congress were established, in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, as well as an office of the World Macedonian Youth Congress for Australia in Melbourne.

Dear Macedonian brothers and sisters,

The World Macedonian Congress is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit and a charitable incorporated association.

The World Macedonian Congress has no monopoly nor an exclusive right over Macedonian affairs – the World Macedonian Congress is an international global network for cooperation, coordination and exchange of experiences and information about Macedonian affairs between Macedonian organizations from all parts of Macedonia and from around the world.

Every year the World Macedonian Congress holds general assemblies in Macedonia; this year (2017) the 27th General Assembly was held in Skopje.

The World Macedonian Congress is the only international organization that adopted the Macedonian National Program in 1990. The projects of the World Macedonian Congress are numerous and have delivered great results. It is an avant-garde in the Macedonian affairs, but also between the Macedonians in their homeland and from around the world!

The main goals of the World Macedonian Congress are:

  1.  An All-Macedonian reconciliation and unification;
  2.  Protection and affirmation of the Macedonian ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious, historical and state identity, continuity and heritage;
  3.  Protection and affirmation of the civil rights and freedoms;
  4.  Affirmation of the peace, democracy and development of Australia;
  5.  Affirmation of the bilateral cooperation between Australia and Macedonia;
  6.  Affirmation of the basic purposes of the United Nations.

The main principles of work of the World Macedonian Congress are:

  1.  The autonomy and independence of each organization shall be respected;
  2.  Everyone has equal rights regardless of the registration and number of members;
  3.  All have as many obligations as they have voluntarily accepted;
  4.  All have as much responsibility as they have voluntarily accepted;
  5.  No one is responsible for the conduct of others in the realization of their own personal goals.


The World Macedonian Congress – Australia is organized on a territorial principle such as:

(1) World Macedonian Congress – Western Australia;

(2) World Macedonian Congress – Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania;

(3) World Macedonian Congress – New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory;

(4) World Macedonian Congress – Queensland and Northern Territory;

(5) World Macedonian Congress – Australia.


Bodies of the World Macedonian Congress – Australia are: State Assembly and State Committee in each Australian State with delegates from all the Macedonian organizations in that State, also, National Assembly and National Committee, National Committee for Financial Control and National Arbitration Committee of Australia.

The World Macedonian Congress invites all Macedonian organizations in Australia and New Zealand to join the World Macedonian Congress – Australia because together we are stronger.

For any additional information, you can contact us HERE

Pokana za členstvo vo Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres – Avstralija


Počituvani braḱa i sestri Makedonci i Makedonki,

Makedonskite raboti nemaat kraj, bidejḱi Makedonija e večna tema. Nezavisno od site razliki meǵu nas Makedoncite, kade i da sme, naš edinstven zaednički imenitel e Makedonija, naš edinstven zaednički sodržatel e Makedonija.

Vo 1903 Makedonskiot narod se krena na Ilindenskoto vostanie za sloboda i Makedonska država!

Vo Balkanskite vojni 1912-1913 godina, Bugarija, Grcija i Srbija izvršija okupacija vrz Makedonija i genocid vrz Makedonskiot narod! So Bukureškiot dogovor od 10 avgust 1913 godina okupacijata vrz Makedonija beše potvrdena!

Vo Prvata Svetska Vojna 1914-1918 godina, vrz Makedonija prodolži okupacijata, vrz Makedoncite prodolži genocidot.

Vo Vtorata Svetska Vojna 1939-1945 godina, Makedonskiot narod vo antifašističkata vojna na celata etno-istoriska teritorija, poradi interesite na Golemite sili ja oslobodi i ja vozobnovi poslednata Makedonska država samo vo granicite na Vardarskiot del na Makedonija!

I posle 100 godini od Balkanskite vojni, interesite i akterite se isti vo namerata konečno da go zatvorat makedonskoto prašanje: promena na imeto na državata Makedonija i promena na identitetot na Makedonskiot narod. Ne se izbiraat sredstva za ostvaruvanje na taa namera.

Samo vo edinstvoto e silata za odbrana na državnoto ime Makedonija i identitetot na Makedonskata nacija!

Zatoa, Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres povikuva na semakedonsko pomiruvanje i obedinuvanje vo najstarata semakedonska organizacija formirana vo 1899 godina vo Ženeva, Švajcarija, koga vo vremeto na Otomanskata Imperija, Makedoncite vo Zapadna i Istočna Evropa, održale Makedonski Kongres vo Ženeva, zaradi animiranje na evropskoto javno mislenje za neotuǵivoto, neprikosnoveno i neotstapno pravo na državnost na Makedonskiot narod!

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres e neformalen Svetski Parlament na Makedoncite od site delovi na Makedonija vo celiot svet, vozobnoven vo 1990 godina, vo predvečerieto na raspaǵanjeto na poranešna SFR Jugoslavija.

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres e predvesnik na makedonskata prolet vo 1990 godina so blokadite na granicata kaj Bogorodica, Dojran i Medžitlija na 21 april, 19 maj, 16 juni i 23 septemvri, koga Makedoncite vo celiot svet go krenaa glasot za rešavanje na makedonskoto prašanje i ukinuvanje na vizite za loboden protok na luǵe idei i kapital meǵu Makedonija i Grcija.

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres ja vrati antičkata istorija na Makedonija, Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres go vrati simbolot na Imperijata za državno zname na Republikata – šesnaeset-zračnoto zlatno-žolto sonce na crvena osnova, koešto vo 1995 godina go proglasi za semakedonski simbol na Makedoncite vo celiot svet!

1994 godina Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres održa Sobranie vo Melburn, na koe prisustvuvaa delegati od najgolemiot broj makedonski organizacii i izbra pretsedatelstvo. Za žal, poradi nedorazbiranja vo Makedonskata pravoslavna eprahija za Avstralija, Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres ne gi postigna celite za semakedonsko pomiruvanje i obedinuvanje vo Avstralija.

1998 godina Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres arbitriraše meǵu makedonskite pravoslavni crkovni opštini vo Avstralija za pomiruvanje i obedinuvanje vo edna i edinstvena Makedonska pravoslavna eparhija za Avstralija.

2016 godina Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres povtorno inicira semakedonsko pomiruvanje i obedinuavnje vo Avstralija.

Na 13 dekemvri 2016 godina vo Melburn, Viktorija, izvršena e registracija na Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres – Avstralija ili Avstralisko Makedonski Kongres so Certifikat za inkorporacija broj A0097861Y (VIC) I broj ACN: 618 712 874 (Avstraliski Organizaciski Certifikat), vo soglasnost so Zakonot za inkorporirani asocijacii od 2001 godina.

Formirani se četiri kancelarii za vrski na Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres vo Brizben, Sidnej, Melburn i Pert, kako i kancelarija na Svetskiot Makedonski Mladinski Kongres za Avstralija vo Melburn.

Počituvani braḱa i sestri Makedonci i Makedonki,

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres e nevladina, nepartiska, neprofitna i dobrotvorna inkorporirana asocijacija. Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres nema monopol nitu ekskluzivno pravo nad makedonskite raboti, Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres pretstavuva meǵunarodna globalna mreža za sorabotka, koordinacija i razmena na iskustva i informacii meǵu Makedonskite organizacii od site delovi na Makedonija vo celiot svet za makedonskite raboti.

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres sekoja godina održuva generalni sobranija vo Makedonija, ovaa 2017 godina se održa 27 Generalno sobranie.

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres e edinstvena meǵunarodna organizacija koja vo 1990 godina donese Makedonska nacionalna programa. Brojni se proektite i golemi se rezultatite na Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres kako avangarda vo Makedonskite raboti i meǵu Makedoncite vo tatkovinata i vo svetot!

Osnovni celi na Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres se:

(1) Semakedonsko pomiruvanje i obedinuvanje;

(2) Zaštita i afirmacija na makedonskiot etnički, jazičen, kulturen, verski, istoriski i državen identitet, kontinuitet, nasledstvo i prostor;

(3) Zaštita i afirmacija na čovekovite i graǵanskite prava i slobodi;

(4) Afirmacija na mirot, demokratijata i razvojot na Avstralija;

(5) Afirmacija na bilateralnata sorabotka meǵu Avstralija i Makedonija; i

(6) Afirmacija na osnovnite celi na Obedinetite Nacii.

Osnovni principi na rabota na Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres se:

(1) Se počituva avtonomijata i samostojnosta na sekoja organizacija;

(2) Site imaat ednakvi prava nezavisno od brojot na členovite i registracijata;

(3) Site imaat tolku obvrski kolku što dobrovolno prifatile od zaednički dogovorenoto;

(4) Sekoj ima tolkava odgovornost kolku što dobroovolno prifatil od zaednički dogovorenoto; i

(5) Nikoj ne e odgovoren za odnesuvanjeto na drugite vo realizacijata na sopstvenite celi i na zaednički dogovorenoto.

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres – Avstralija e organiziran na teritorijalen princip kako:

(1) Svetski Makedonski Kongres – Zapadna Avstralija;

(2) Svetski Makedonski Kongres – Viktorija, Južna Avstralija i Tasmanija;

(3) Svetski Makedonski Kongres – Nov Južen Vels i Teritorijata na Glavniot grad na Avstralija Kambera;

(4) Svetski Makedonski Kongres – Kvinsland i Severna Teritorija; i

(5) Svetski Makedonski Kongres – Avstralija.

Organi na Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres – Avstralija se: Državno Sobranie i Državen Komitet vo sekoja država so delegati od site Makedonski organizacii vo taa država, Nacionalno Sobranie i Nacionalen komitet, Nacionalen Komitet za finansiska kontrola i Nacionalen Komitet za arbitraža na nivo na Avstralija.

Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres gi povikuva site Makedonski organizacii vo Avstralija i Nov Zeland na členstvo vo Svetskiot Makedonski Kongres – Avstralija, zatoa što zaedno sme posilni.

Za Poveke informacija, javete se na ovoj LINK